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SCENTIA International Economic Review examines new research and developments in the field of Economics and Public Health. The Journal provides a common forum for both frontline industrial business management as well as pioneering academic research. The journal's multidisciplinary approach draws from such fields as benchmarking, business excellence, e-quality, management systems, performance
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The management of SIER, in consultation with the scientific advisory board of the journal, has decided to open another topic area for publications. This new topic area covers all general medical topics, such as public health, medicine and biochemistry. Due to the increased demand for publication opportunities in this area, the section has been staffed with its own specialised reviewers and thus opened up for future peer-reviewed publications. In the long term, the Public Health section will be transferred by the publisher into a journal of its own, insofar as there is a consistently high demand for public health publications.

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Current Issue

Vol. 1 No. 2 (2022): SIER - Second Issue 2021-2022

All current Publications can be found in this issue. The Issue will be closed for further publications if the number of articles reaches >15. The Volume will then be archived under the given Volume und Number.


Leadership Sentiment and Price Fluctuations

Tim Herzhoff, Thomas Teichert
Abstract 290 | PDF Downloads 140

Page 1-36

The Link between digitalization and new product launch

Alexander Salmen
Abstract 298 | PDF Downloads 38

Page 37-56

Parametric estimation of supplier's plant construction costs

Remo Rossi
Abstract 88 | PDF Downloads 38

Page 95-121

Is Generation Z changing the understanding of HR work?

Matthias Bender
Abstract 510 | PDF Downloads 258

Page 75-94

Ethics as part of police management

Torsten Huschbeck, Christian Horres, Peter Markovič
Abstract 164 | PDF Downloads 97

Page 242-262

The relevance of agile change management in a dynamic business environment

Elena Grocholski
Abstract 68 | PDF Downloads 50

Page 169-187

Determinants affecting the decision of German dentists to set-up an office

David Stein, Ralf Michael
Abstract 63 | PDF Downloads 53

Page 215-241

The temporary reduction in VAT under the Second Corona Tax Assistance Act:

Martin Hübner
Abstract 50 | PDF Downloads 15

Page 188-214

Decision making models in energy projects

Stefan Wieke
Abstract 9 | PDF Downloads 6

Page 263-285

Public Health

Effects of the measures to contain the Covid-19 pandemic on pre-existing mental vulnerabilities and disorders

Margarete Schweizerhof, Adrian Zechser, Artur Müller
Abstract 72 | PDF Downloads 14

Page 11-35

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